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Introducing VAI-256

Decentralized AI

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Vultaic, a groundbreaking blockchain platform introducing Vultaic. Beyond the ordinary, Vultaic pioneers the innovative VAI-256 (Decentralized AI), driven by the advanced ASIC FPGA Resistance and Kawpow algorithm. But with Vultaic, it's not just a technological leap; it's an open invitation to explore the first Decentralized AI innovation and community collaboration.

About Us
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Vultaic Ecosystem

Discover our ecosystem. We are constantly building it.

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Fastest & secure platform for Mining. Vultaic uses an algorithm that is resistant to ASIC and FPGA mining, ensuring a more decentralized network. Miners play a crucial role in verifying transactions and validating blocks on the network. They are rewarded with coins for their work, which helps to secure and maintain the integrity of the blockchain.

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Our Vision

Imagine a world without banks or central authority, where you could trade VLC for daily expenses such as food, houses, and commodities.

Why Us?

What sets Vultaic apart from other cryptocurrencies?

Overall, Vultaic's combination of decentralized AI integration, advanced algorithm, community collaboration, innovation, and commitment to transparency sets it apart as a leading cryptocurrency in the market.

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    Your wallet is protected by the Vultaic Network Blockchain.

  • Roadmap


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  • Miners

    Mining software that supports Kawpow.
    BzMiner, GMiner, NBMiner, Rigel Miner, SRBMiner, TeamRedMiner, T-Rex Miner, TTMiner, WildRig.

  • Github

    You can find the latest updates and news of our platform at github.

  • Exchanges

    Keep an eye out for updates on our journey to listing on exchanges.

    XeggeX TradeOgre NonKYC

  • Mining Pools

    Discover and connect with our Mining Pools for an optimized experience.

    Rplant K1Pool K1Pool Solo

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